It all start here!

“We will constantly have to be on the alert, we have to be vigilant, we have to continue to be committed to the peace process.

-Iberian woman peace activist Etwede Cooper


The peace guide is collection of grassroots project between Israelis & Palestine, the book focus on different peace project among the people of the two sides.

The guide offers an overview of the project and the people behind it. The book aims to create awareness in the international community, to bring the stories of the people behind, showing that the peace is already happening and everyone can join and take a part in keeping nourish the peace grass root movement and supporting in any way they want.

Why to write a book?

In the last 3 years I was traveling around the world meeting lots of people and friends and since I burn, rise and serve the army for 3 years in Israel I found that my first conversation with people was about the Israel/Palestine conflict, the conversation was for me a story from the individual point of view and of-course his opinion on the conflict, however most of the people never visit in Israel nor Palestine but sure they have their opinion, judgment and point of view.  Later on when I base myself  in Amsterdam I start meeting lots of people with interest in the conflict in the Middle East, talent people that want to know more and get involved but don’t know how, looking for some guidance. In my own research and experience I discover what I already felt 5 years ago when I travel in the west bank.  I realize that in Israel/Palestine there is a grassroots movement of peace! People from both sides that actually make peace every day, by meeting, sitting in circle, storytelling, dancing, developing local business, healing, music, theater and much more inspire projects & initiatives.

What will be in the book?

One morning when I stand under the shower, I had a vision, realize that a new story needs to be said about peace, a story that sharing with the world the simple fact, peace is already happening in every moment, people that fucking working hard to make it happen and this is the story that the world need to hear, a positive and inspire story on the peacemakers, a story that giving people an insight on:

  • The people behind the projects/organizations

  • The community that involved

  • The core story of the projects/organizations

  • Different ways to interact and support the project

How I’m going to make it? (Aka the dream plane)

  • Step 1- go out there “to return to the land” first to share the project using the social media, ask people to share inspiring project they been involved, heard or read about them, collecting this information and create a  database.

  • Step 2- start travel, meeting the people, interview them, make a video interview take photos and harvest the stories. Will doing this I will post some of the stories in the project blog as the first awareness step.

  • Step 3- to find a designer and together create the spirit of the book under the idea the peace need to be fun, creative and inspiring  and most of all to bring hope

  • Step 4- will be creating a template of the book and to reach the publisher in England and the North America to find funding for the project and for the book to be published.